Chile: Mining friendly

Low Sovereign Risk

Chile has a population of >19 million people, one of South America’s most stable & prosperous nations, enabling the country to significantly reduce poverty. Chile’s GDP is expected to rebound to 5.5% in 2021 (1), on the back of government stimulus and a rapid COVID-19 vaccination rollout (one of the best in South America).

Extremely Low Corruption

Chile ranks in the top quartile of countries in Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Index, equal with the United States of America.

Supportive Government Policy Towards Mining

Mining is a major driver of the Chilean economy, contributing to more than 50% of Chile’s exports and 9% of GDP. The Fraser Institute’s 2020 (2) annual survey ranked Chile as the best country in South America for mining exploration investment based on public policy factors such as tax rates & regulation.

Significant Mineral Endowment

As the top producer of both copper & iodine in the world, Chile is also home to several other highly valuable natural resources including molybdenum, selenium, rhenium, nitrates, iron ore, lithium and of course precious metals such as gold. Most of the world’s largest mining companies operate in Chile.

Source: 1-World Bank, 2-

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