High Gold Recovery

45% Gravity recovery and total recovery of 94.5% at a 150 micron grind size

Detailed Metallurgical Testwork has Determined that the Ternera Gold Deposit Material has exceptional metallurgical properties

  • Bond Ball Mill work index (BWi) = 20.4 kWh/t 
  • A leach feed grind size distribution of P80 = 150μm;
  • Cyanide consumptions of 0.5kg/t;
  • Lime consumption of 4.0kg/t;
  • Gravity recovery of 45%;
  • Overall Au recovery of 94.5%; and
  • Test work undertaken using seawater
  • +90% recovery achieved in 4-6 hours
The total gold extraction curves for the P80 = 150µm leach test work from Ternera Gold Ore types
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